c) Case Study. The purpose of case study is to develop the analytical and reasoning skill. Although idea sharing or brainstorm meetings are allowed among students at the initial stage of case study, every student is required to conduct his own case study independently. The topic of case study will be assigned in the class (Please start to read cases starting in P529 in the textbook). The steps of how to conduct a case study is more important than the content of the case study because you are expected to develop the analytic and reasoning skills. 
i. The format of how to write a case analysis study is as follows: 
1. Identification of Pertinent Fact, 
2. Formulation of Key Issues, 
3. List of Underlying Theory, 
4. Analysis of the Facts with the theory on the Topic of Issue(s), 
5. Reach of Conclusions, 
6. Possible Strategic Implications. 
ii. Please follow the above given format in conducting your case analysis. Always make sure that you are able to differentiate facts from opinions; problems from symptoms, understand the  concepts, theories, and framework behind the facts and problems, render your thorough analysis, reach a sound conclusion, and see if you are able to formulate appropriate and alternative marketing solutions or strategies for a similar situation. 
iii. Please limit your case analysis within two pages and use single spaced lines with double spaced  between the meaningful paragraphs. Write down your name and ID number on the case study before turning it in for evaluation.  


Art galleries have begun to conceptualize their visitors as tourists who have specific
needs and motivations and are increasingly staging special events as part of their
programs. One strategy to attract visitors is to use short-term visual art exhibits as
special events. An example is the 2012 festival of death exhibit at the Southbank
Centre in London which celebrated death by displaying unusual coffin designs from
both the UK and Ghana. In addition, a death related festival provided music
inspired by death, a play about euthanasia, talks and debates on the best ways to
die, the most eco- friendly burials and the art of obituary writing.

1. Choose a short-term exhibit and related art gallery that has been staged as a
special event
i. Provide a historical overview of the event
ii. Complete an evaluation of the economic and social value or worth to the art
gallery and host city
iii. What challenges are associated with planning, designing and implementing
this type of event?
2. Why are galleries hosting short-term exhibits as special events? Is this a
growing trend or a short-term fad?
3. Should short-term visual art exhibitions be recognized within the scope of
special cultural events? Discuss

Pls answer those questions one by one and also need the abstract, summary, reference and all APA style!!


Length of presentation 
•    Your entire presentation delivery should be approximately 8-10 minutes.
•    Present approximately eight to ten (8-10) PowerPoint slides, including a title slide, introductory slide and closing slide.  

•    Prepare and deliver the presentation as if the actual audience is the recipient of your report (when in fact, the audience will most likely be your classmates, instructor, or others.) 

•    Introduction: Open with an engaging introduction of the topic of your report.  
o    Include one (1) title slide. 
o    Include one (1) introductory slide.
•    Body: Cover the main points of your report. 
o    Create PowerPoint slides that reinforce and illustrate your main ideas.
o    Follow basic design principles for effective slide content – bulleted lists, relevant graphics, appropriate color scheme/background, readable font.
•    Closing: Close with a memorable wrap-up statement that refocuses on the purpose of your report.  
o    Include one (1) closing slide. 

•    Your presentation should be delivered in a professional manner appropriate from a business
perspective using the technology required for a PowerPoint slide presentation to an audience.
•    Your entire presentation delivery should be approximately 8-10 minutes.

Self-Evaluation for Revision  
1.    What is something you especially like about the presentation? 
2.    Are there descriptive titles on each of the slides? 
3.    Does the text contain concise, precise content? 
4.    Do graphics convey the idea described by the slide text? 
5.    Do statements in bulleted lists have a parallel structure? 
6.    Is the font size easily read from a distance? Are there no more than three (3) different font styles in the presentation? 
7.    Does the color and background convey a formal business tone? 
8.    Are animation effects used in moderation? 
9.    Are there any misspellings or typographical errors that need to be corrected? 
10.    What do you need to do to improve the presentation?

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
•    Support ideas or claims in body paragraphs with clear details, examples, and explanations.
•    Organize ideas logically by using transitional words, phrases, and sentences.
•    Assess the characteristics of an audience for oral presentations within a business and / or professional context.
•    Design visual presentations on a topic for oral delivery to an audience.
•    Demonstrate communication strategies for delivering oral and visual presentations on a topic to an audience.
•    Use technology and information resources to research issues related to selected topics.
•    Write clearly and concisely using proper writing mechanics.

Vocabulary, define and explain

Paper instructions:
American Literature Vocabulary
Directions : define the following words and explain its relation to America Literature.
1.- Stoicism
2.- Calvinism
3.- Empiricism
4.- Romanticism
5.- Agrarianism
6.- Realism
10.- Naturalism
12.- Utilitarianism
13.- States’ Right
17.-African Americans
18.-Native Americans
19.- Anglo-Saxon Protestant
first word then definition and explain its relation to American literature tray to do on line and then al research cited

Should Whites teach African American History?

Paper instructions:
Topic: Should Whites teach African American History?
Please mention how we changed from “Racism in Education” to “Should Whites teach African American History?”
In this Session Long Project you will discuss “what we know” about your topic. In this part of the SLP, you will be doing a literature search on recent professional journal issues on your topic. Look in recent issues of professional literature, peer studies and research, and books. You may want to adjust your topic based on the amount of literature on the topic. At this point in the SLP, you will be setting up the background for the next section. Remember that your discussion is based on the literature search and what the literature says about the topic.
Reviewing the literature will not only inform you about current research completed by others; it can also help strengthen your points. Consult the APA and TUI guides to see the correct format for paraphrasing references within your paper. Here is an example of how to cite a reference: “According to Banks (1997), students from diverse regional, social-class, religious, ethnic, and racial groups often achieve at different levels in the common schools.
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