EU Integration: Responding to the Eurozone Crisis

You must produce a report to the UK’s Minister for Europe at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The objective is to inform the Minister about current developments, and the economic and policy implications. In order to do this, you will need select one country (other than the UK)from the EU (see link on Blackboard for list of countries) and write a report on its response to the Eurozone crisis, so that the Minister can learn from international experience.  Your chosen country does not have to be a current member of the Eurozone.
RePORt content (Your report needs to focus on the following themes):
1.    How is it performing?
You will need to focus on the impact of the crisis on the economic performance of your chosen country. You will need to select indicators  to show how your country compares with its EU neighbours. You will need to justify your choice of indicators, and use appropriate graphs and charts.
2. What are the policy issues?
There needs to be an evaluation of the response of the government of your selected country to the crisis, and discussion of whether policy has improved or worsened the situation.
3.    What lessons can be learned about the Eurozone crisis fromyour chosen country?
Drawing insights from your findings, you will need to consider the overall  impact of the Eurozone crisis on your country, and assess the case for  additional economic and political integration with the EU.
Assessment Criteria:
a.Appropriate length (no more than 2,500 words), format and structure. You must provide full references for all your sources.
b. Your work should be grammatically sound; please proof-read or spell-check before submission.
c. Evidence of adequate research and the use of an appropriate range of data sources and data presentation formats (graphs, charts, figures and tables, as relevant).
d. Analysis which focuses on the question requirements.
e. A brief Executive Summary and Conclusion, each of no more than 250 words.

The effect of divorce on domestic crime.

1.    Your research paper should be in accordance with APA guidelines. APA requires: Title Page, Abstract, Literature Review (body), Conclusion and Reference Page. 

2.    You must have a minimum of 20 sources of reference cited in accordance with APA guidelines. 

3.    Research paper must be a least 15 pages in length, not including Title 
Page, Abstract and Reference Page. 

4.    Your paper must be free of spelling, grammatical, sentence structure, and paragraph structure errors. Also, your paper must flow in the proper order. 

What is employee empowerment? How can the HR departments help to make it effective

What is employee empowerment? How can the HR departments help to make it effective? What motivational theory is best used to support empowerment? Explain why.
Distinguish between disparate treatment and disparate impact. Give an example ofeach.
Job analysis is so important to HR managers that it has been called the building block ofeverything that personnel do. Describe the instances that demonstrate the use of jobanalysis information in various HR activities.

Critical Thinking / Inference Essay

Write a two- to three-page essay explaining what you perceive to be the outside world’s assumptions and inferences about your ethnic identity or some other characteristic by which people might classify you. For example, you might identify with a national or ethnic group, or you might identify with people having certain physical traits in common, such as being thin, fat, tall, short, bald, blond, etc. You might also identify with a group that is classified by non-physical traits such as professional, political or religious affiliation or identification with a minority gender orientation or interest group. The point here is to be able to identify yourself with a group so that you can then explore and examine the negative or positive automatic assumptions people often apply to such groups.

Report on RIO-TINTO ( ALUMINIUM ) PRODUCT..We need to do PESTEL ANALYSIS, SWOT analysis, Porter 5 factor analysis and how to effect each otbger on product..( How to PESTEL , SWOT and Porter 5 factor effect each other on Aluminium prodcut of RIO-TINTO..

Executive summery
External environment
Internal Environment
Industry analysis
The Macro Environment
The Micro environment  

We need to do : Discussion, Recommendation, Conclusion 

350 words of which will constitute an executive summary) on the status of the competitive position of the organisation covering:

Describe briefly the background information (strategic context) of the organization.  This information should be relevant to the discussion of your assignment.

Analyse the firm’s external environment; identify the most significant external factors shaping the competitive position for success or failure and justify why.  

Analyse the firm’s organisational strengths and weaknesses; identify the most significant resources and capabilities shaping the competitive position (Refer Chapter 3). 

Create a SWOT analysis from your study and propose a strategy.

Your report should 
•    follow a report format
•    include an executive summary
•    state the limitations, assumptions, boundaries
•    utilise relevant analytical tools
•    come to a conclusion
•    propose a strategy
•    include academic references 

I need words in preview before assign so i know ur good

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which many of us probably know it as multiple personality disorder has been around for years and a controversial disorder. Research shares that it can be the effect of some type of childhood trauma (WebMD, 2014).  Many have wondered if DID really exist; how can someone have more than one personality and what triggers the “switch” between personalities.  There are many questions that arise around this disorder but has been researched and stated it is real.  You mentioned that further analysis should take place; what are some of the symptoms that a person may experience related to this disorder?

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