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Manpower planning is largely concerned with HR supply. It is interested in such questions as how many people are coming onto the work place, what are their education and training levels, what is their age etc. It is largely concerned in determining what training needs there are so that the HR supply can be shaped to meet the demands of the organization goal. Your assignment shall NOT be less than 2000 words in length. You are encouraged to illustrate your proposed concept / theory / paradigms / argument with supporting diagrams / figures or charts.


This assignment comprises a 4,000 word individual report and represents 100% of the module grade.
Cadbury wishes to expand at home and internationally after a thorough review of its business context. Using appropriate models, theories and frameworks, your brief is to:
1. Analyse Cadbury’s current competitive position in the external environment and make recommendations about how the company’s competitive position should change. This is because the Board want to be sure it is taking advantage of current and future trends in the external environment.
2. Analyse Cadbury’s internal capabilities and culture and make recommendations about how the company needs to change. This is because the Board want to be certain that its internal capabilities and culture will support its future strategy.
3. Critically evaluate Cadbury’s current approach to corporate social responsibility and make recommendations about future changes it needs to make to its approach.

4. Analyse the overseas opportunities for Cadbury and recommend ONE country for the company to enter. You should make recommendations for an appropriate entry strategy and how you would measure its success. (N.B. You may NOT suggest your own country as a potential country to enter).

outlining the difference between the traditional and current performance appraisal techniques…

Topic: outlining the difference between the traditional and current performance appraisal techniques

Assignment:  is  the    Methodology    and    Structure    sections    of    your    research    proposal    and    should    contain    the  following:        

1.    Harvard style    is    to    be    used    
2.    1700    words.  
3. Table of    Content:    headings    must    accurately    reflect    headings    and    pages    in  assignment.        
4.    List of    References:      follow    Harvard    Style and need minimum of 30 journals from the given database no other database should be used
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Password: Z1nwlabN
Your assignment    must    cover    the    following    aspects:        
1.  Research    Philosophy.        
2.  Data    Collection    Methods.        
3.  Data    Analysis    Techniques.        
4.  Ethical    Issues.        
5.  Structure    of    final    work.

Introduction to Psychology

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Describe a fictitious client (not a real person) who suffers from one of the mental illnesses you read about this week, and provide a brief description of the various symptoms your fictitious client displays. Your post should also: 

Identify a diagnosis that could possibly fit this client. Provide a clear rationale for the diagnosis based on the symptoms presented.
Discuss treatment options for your fictitious client, using at least one biological, one psychological, and one social intervention (the biopsychosocial model).
Here is a sample response to get you started:

Joe is a middle-aged 45-year-old Caucasian male. He has been married for 20 years, and has been working at the same job for the past 10 years as an accountant. He is a busy working dad, the father of two children: a 5-year-old daughter (Josie) and a 10-year-old son (Carl). Joe coaches his son Carl’s baseball team, runs about 1-2 miles a day, and plays basketball once a week with his buddies at the local YMCA. Three months ago, Joe’s company had some layoffs, and his job was cut along with 5,000 others due to the economic downturn. Since that time, Joe has been extremely depressed and withdrawn, and he reports that he doesn’t enjoy activities that he used to like running or playing basketball. He turned over his coaching job to the assistant coach of the baseball team and states that he just doesn’t have the energy to do much of anything anymore. Some days, he feels so depressed he stays in bed for the entire day. He adds that he spends most of his time on the couch in his bathrobe watching TV and playing poker online.

These symptoms have persisted for the past three months—pretty much all day, every day. Joe’s wife has since returned to work full-time to help pay the bills, and Joe reports that this makes him feel like a failure. Joe’s children are worried and want to spend time with him, but Joe tends to push them away due to his feelings of sadness and shame for “letting them down.” Overall, Joe is in good health and does not have any other medical conditions or concerns.

As per the DSMIV-TR, it appears that Joe could be diagnosed with major depression due to his symptoms of anhedonia and feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, and shame lasting for three months.

In terms of treatment, an antidepressant medication may be helpful to assist Joe in getting through this difficult time. A consultation with a psychiatrist would be in order here. This medication would be considered a biological intervention. Additionally, Joe would be recommended to participate in weekly sessions with a cognitive-behavioral therapist to help him overcome his cognitive (feelings of failure and shame) and behavioral (staying in bed, lying around on the couch, etc.) symptoms. This would be considered a psychological intervention. Finally, a focus on changing Joe’s daily routine would be recommended by encouraging the entire family to eat right and exercise. In addition, making sure that Joe gets to spend time with his friends and is given the support that he needs in getting motivated to begin looking for a new position would be important to add. Both of these latter recommendations would fit as a social intervention.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The research is on “Information Systems” topic as a Discipline!!
You must cite the sources that you use for the project; you can pick either MLA or APA style (for help with citation, don’t forget that you can contact the Writing Center or visit your local library for MLA/APA Style Guides).
Remember that MLA and APA documentation cover three (3) areas:
1. Information from sources may be used two ways: first, word-for-word information (a source’s words and ideas) must be indicated as such by the use of quotation marks and a parenthetical citation–this is known as a direct quotation; second, information from a source that you write in your own words (a source’s ideas, but your words) must be indicated as such by the use of a parenthetical citation–this is known as a paraphrase. Using directly quoted material without quotation marks/parenthetical citation or paraphrasing too closely to the source’s original wording/not using a parenthetical citation is PLAGIARISM
2. All information used from a source must be documented with parenthetical citations in the worksheet itself.