Journalism, the 4th Estate

Journalism, the 4th Estate
Paper instructions:
Journalism, the 4th Estate, is an important part of democracy. Reporting news should be about making sure government doesn’t get away with such things as not serving the interests of its citizens. This LevelUp activity introduces the role of journalism in communities… some history and classifications of U.S. journalism, laws, mission, and the local impact of local news outlets and journalism professionals.
STUDY (cite your sources):
Explain what freedom of the press is and how the First Amendment guarantees that you can voice your opinion. In your discussion, tell how to distinguish between fact and opinion, and explain the terms libel, slander, defamation, fair comment and criticism, public figure, privacy, and malice. Discuss how these matters relate to ethics in journalism (500­-1000 words).
Discuss the differences between a hard news story and a feature story. Research and explain (500-­1000 words):
? The “five W’s and H.”
? The “Inverted Pyramid” style of print journalism
? Some notable differences between paper and web­based print writing/lede styles.
? Some notable differences between print and spoken media writing/lede styles.

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