c) Case Study. The purpose of case study is to develop the analytical and reasoning skill. Although idea sharing or brainstorm meetings are allowed among students at the initial stage of case study, every student is required to conduct his own case study independently. The topic of case study will be assigned in the class (Please start to read cases starting in P529 in the textbook). The steps of how to conduct a case study is more important than the content of the case study because you are expected to develop the analytic and reasoning skills. 
i. The format of how to write a case analysis study is as follows: 
1. Identification of Pertinent Fact, 
2. Formulation of Key Issues, 
3. List of Underlying Theory, 
4. Analysis of the Facts with the theory on the Topic of Issue(s), 
5. Reach of Conclusions, 
6. Possible Strategic Implications. 
ii. Please follow the above given format in conducting your case analysis. Always make sure that you are able to differentiate facts from opinions; problems from symptoms, understand the  concepts, theories, and framework behind the facts and problems, render your thorough analysis, reach a sound conclusion, and see if you are able to formulate appropriate and alternative marketing solutions or strategies for a similar situation. 
iii. Please limit your case analysis within two pages and use single spaced lines with double spaced  between the meaningful paragraphs. Write down your name and ID number on the case study before turning it in for evaluation.  

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