legislation essay

Explain the differences between Liberalism and Conservatism. Does ideology really make a difference in the United States today? Support your reasoning with examples. How does this impact American culture, government and politics in your opinion? You will be expected to support your discussion with primary texts and from pre-approved secondary sources (including, but not limited to the course text, online lectures, and a list of suggested online resources). Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length and include proper APA citation.

Essay: Strategic Human Resource Management

Essay: Strategic Human Resource Management
“HR managers are required to continually and critically analyse the changing
environment and suggest HRM policies and practices that benefit organisational
bottom-line and workers” Using the Figure 1.14 of strategic HRM diagnostic model
(Stone, 2011 p.27) as a broad framework, you are required to integrate HRM
strategies, policies and practices into an organisation’s strategic management
You are to write an essay, describing and critically analysing the HRM policies and
practices (e.g., human resource planning, job design, recruitment, human resource
development, performance management) in light of changing environment (e.g., the
aging workforce, temporary work, flexible workforce, skilled migrants, skill
shortages, the changing nature of technology, multiculturalism, work-life balance)
When writing this essay you should assume the role of an HR consultant. Your task is
to analyse and critically evaluate the potential implications for HRM strategies,
policies and practices of the one or two environmental changes of your selection. The
purpose is to make suggestions as to how an organisation should respond to the
selected environmental changes via its HR strategies, policies and practices. The
organisation can be real or fictitious as long as you can provide sufficient
understanding of how HR strategies, policies and practices are an integral part of
organisational strategic management process.
You must use the knowledge and theory that you have learnt so far, and integrate the
relevant academic literature, when critically analysing the HR implications of the
environmental changes chosen for analysis, and to inform the suggestions to the
You are required to demonstrate:
(a) a relationship between HRM and business objectives of an organisation;
(b) an importance of HRM for improving organisational performance;
(c) conceptual understanding of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
(d) key HR functions and roles of HR departments and how the external and
internal environmental may influence HRM decisions.
Note: You are not required to provide an executive summary nor table of contents.
Submission will be considered “on time” if submitted electronically before 11.59 pm
on Monday, 23rd December 2013 (AEST)
• Font size 12, Times New Roman
• Spacing 1.5
• Left hand margin 2.5 cms
• Other margins 2.5 cms
• Full name and Student ID included as a Footer
• Text page numbering
• References on a separate page


In the closing arguments of the famous “Leopold and Loeb” case, Clarence Darrow suggests that his clients should not be held responsible for their actions. On the contrary, he argues, “If there is responsibility anywhere, it is back of [them]; somewhere in the infinite number of [their] ancestors, or in [their] surroundings, or in both. Discuss arguments in favor of Darrow’s conclusion as well as against it, and develop your own position on the issue. Your paper should address the following questions:
-What arguments have we seen that agree with Darrow’s conclusion?
-What arguments have we seen that oppose it?
-What is your view on the matter? Do you think that Leopold and Loeb should be considered responsible for their behavior or not? Why?

Historical Geology

Historical Geology
Pick an Epoch or Period in time from the geological time scale found below. You can do this randomly if you like or choose based on an initial search or interest. Now imagine you had a time machine that can transport you to this time period (you will also have to imagine you can tolerate the atmosphere etc.). If you want to do this for the oceans of the time then you will have to imagine you have a machine that can take you into the water to explore below the oceans? You will have to use some creativity. This will require a little bit of research on the net or library. Your book is also a great resource. When creating your story try to incorporate some of the information below.
??What is the world like at the time in general?
??What environment have you landed in?
??What is the climate like where you have landed?
??What kind of geologic structures or mountain ranges might you be able to see?
??Describe a walk (or underwater adventure) you take once you get to that time? What kinds of animals and plants might dominate the landscape or underwater world? What kind of geologic features might dominate the landscape?
??What were some of the major events that occurred during that Epoch or Period?

Offender Supervision

Paper instructions:
Certain special category offenders are very costly, troublesome, and time-consuming for corrections. No comprehensive method has been identified for dealing with these offenders. These special category offenders present special challenges for correctional institutions, management philosophy, and correctional officers. Based on the readings in your textbook, the ITT Tech Virtual Library, and your state’s Department of Corrections Web site:
Identify three to four categories of inmates who are eligible for release on parole and probation.
Compare and contrast the different community programs available for probationers that would fit into the categories you chose. Would any programs be mandatory for any of the categories you chose? If so, explain why.
What special challenges do probation or parole officers encounter in monitoring special-needs individuals under their supervision?

Correctional Institutions

Paper instructions:
The three main components of corrections are jails, prisons, and community correctional services. Each of these components has its own challenges that affect our criminal justice system. Based on the readings in your textbook, address the following:
What are the major differences between a jail facility, correctional institution, and a community-based treatment program?
How does the probation process differ between inmates confined in a local jail and inmates confined in a state correctional facility?

Job Hunt

Paper instructions:
The Hunt Begins
Using job search resources on the Internet, like Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com, find at least three advertised jobs that are a good fit with your career goals, skills, education, and experience. You can look for jobs that you are currently qualified for or ones that you will be qualified for once you receive your degree.
Report on these jobs and analyze them in a 400 word minimum paper.
For each of three jobs:
Describe the job.
Analyze the job considering the pros and cons of the job.
State how you would go about applying to the job.
State any questions you might need answered about the job before applying to it and how you might find those answers.

Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition

Paper instructions:
It thoroughly analyze an industry using Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition, and will then evaluate the performance of two companies in the assigned industry using The Balanced Scorecard and the Baldrige National Quality Program. The paper should include a thoughtful analysis of the historic, current, and projected performance of the industry and the companies using any frameworks, tools, and concepts from well-known academicians and practitioners as a way to develop recommendations to improve future performance.
FAST FOOD INDUSTRY, please choose one FAST FOOD COMPANY to analysis. (KFC or others)
At a minimum, the following topics must be covered in the paper:
Industry dynamics – Use Porter’s Five Forces to identify major characteristics and trends impacting the industry, including industry size, regulations, recent mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, use of technology, economics and profitability, degree of direct competition, vulnerability to substitution, etc.
Company Summary – Use The Balanced Scorecard to analyze each company’s historic and expected future performance using several examples from the four dimensions: financials, customer, internal process, and learning & growth.
Identify and Address Major Issues and Opportunities for Each Company by performing a SWOT analysis on each company. Use the criteria from The Baldrige National Quality Program as a guide for identifying each organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external opportunities and threats.
Develop Recommendations – Based on your earlier work and with careful analysis on the progression of the industry, company, and product within its respective lifecycle; provide a summary that addresses the major performance issues, opportunities, threats, constraints, and critical success factors for the industry and both companies.