Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives
1. Record and store information in an appropriate format.
2. Evaluate the effectiveness of 3 examples of recording
and storing information
3. Explain how each example complies with organisational policy and with legal
requirements, making
reference to relevant legislation and consequence of non
Lesson 3 Recording and Storing 20 marks
There are many ways
that an organisation can record and store information. Also there are many devices that you can use to record
Examples of recorded information include hard copies such manual records, carbon
multi copies. they can also be stored in soft
copy as computerised records using hard drive, CDs or DVD.
1. Explain 3 examples of ways to record and store information ( 9
2. Explain what is data protection and any legal requirements (3 marks)
3. Explain 3 ways that you can prevent unauthorised
access to information (3marks
4. in your above examples of ways to record and store information, explain
how each one complies
with organisational policy or legal requirements (3 marks)
5. you will need to produce a short report to show your findings . please
this to me via the safe assign link called recording and storing . (2 marks
Assessment Criteria
Q1. 1 mark per example and 1 mark each on how they are used to
record and store information
Q2. 1 mark per valid feature or point
03. 1 mark per method
04. 1 mark per
1 mark for presentation of report

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