What is the impact of a satellite pharmacy on the surgical floor on patient satisfaction with regard to their knowledge of their medicine and their use,


as well as

their discharge prescription processing time?

Project description
the main text of the report should be structured as follows:

Title page: The title should be concise and accurately reflect the work that you have conducted.

Abstract page: The abstract page should be a very brief summary (250 word max.) of the entire report, structured with the following subheadings: Background, Methods,


Results and Conclusion. Please specify the word count of your abstract on the same page.

Introduction: This should briefly summarise the background information, explain why the topic is important or relevant, and define any key concepts if necessary.

Literature review: The structure / organisation of this section will vary according to your particular topic. A funnel approach is useful – starting with the broad

dimensions of an issue and getting narrower.


Justification for the current study: In this section, you need to draw upon the findings from your literature review in order to develop the rationale for your

project, indicating how it builds on previous studies and why it is important. The reader needs to understand why there is a need for the project. Your research

question, aim and objectives of your project should be clearly stated at the end of this section.

Method: This section should clearly state the method used and provide justification for why it was chosen. Relevant subcategories for this section include: design,

sample (including setting, sampling strategy and sampling procedures), data collection process and instruments, outcome measures / measurement and plan for data

analysis. Students should include a statistical analysis plan


(SAP) in the appendix of the report. The table should have the following columns: objective, variables,

variable type (e.g. nominal, ordinal, interval), analysis required (descriptive or statistical test). Examples will be provided during the research methods classes.

Results: In this section, your findings should be presented and accurately interpreted. Relevant summary statistics (e.g. numbers, percentages, means, standard

deviations etc.) should be presented and you should also present the results of any statistical tests you conduct (if appropriate). Make sure that you present results

that answer all of your original aims and objectives.

You can use tables, figures, graphs or diagrams to demonstrate your results and these should be numbered consecutively in Roman numerals (e.g. I, II, III) throughout

the text. All figures, graphs, diagrams and tables should have titles and do not forget to refer to them in the text (e.g. “see Table I for results on…”). Figures or

graphs must have both axes labelled. Where a considerable amount of tabulated data needs to be included this can be incorporated as appendices following the References


section. Again, you should refer to your appendices in the relevant part of the main text (e.g. “see Appendix 1 for data on…”).

Discussion: This section should be an explanation and discussion of how your results are
relevant to your original aims and objectives. You should compare your findings to previously published work identified in your literature review and discuss whether

or not your work extends the literature in your area. Relevance and implications of the results for practice should be discussed. Finally, limitations of the project

should be highlighted and recommendations presented for further research/audit in the area.

Conclusion: Your conclusion should be brief and you should concisely state the key message from your project.

Word count: State the word count for your dissertation (excluding title page, contents page, abstract, tables, figures, references and appendices) immediately after

your conclusion.

References: Students should follow one of the Harvard styles of referencing. More information can be found at the UCL website


Appendices: Your appendices must include your data extraction sheets for your literature review, your data collection tool and your statistical analysis plan (SAP).

The research topic is very specific for the hospital that I have carried out the research at and I have the results as well. It is important to use the documents I

will attach as they clarify what the project is, how it was carried out and what the results are, but I need it to be elaborated in text written format plus I need all

the sections mentioned above done as instructed by the university. Please do contact me with any queries at anytime. 5000 words do not include title page, tables or


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