Strategic Marketing

UNIT I SWOT Analysis Paper Select an organization on which to conduct a SWOT analysis. You may use the company you work for or research an organization for this assignment. The paper should be a minimum of 300 words using proper APA formatting. Be sure to include the following in your paper: Identify the organization s business, mission, and goals; Identify the organization s growth opportunities; Create a SWOT analysis table; and Recommendations based on analysis.

Strategic Marketing

Unit I Paper
SWOT Analysis Paper
Select an organization on which to conduct a SWOT analysis. You may use the company you work for or research an
organization for this assignment. The paper should be a minimum of 300 words using proper APA formatting.
Be sure to include the following in your paper:
Identify the organization s business, mission, and goals;
Identify the organization s growth opportunities;
Create a SWOT analysis table; and
Recommendations based on analysis.


What marketing considerations do you need to understand as you evolve from a domestic supplier or international distributor to a fully integrated global company? Is it an easy transition or does it demand restructuring of your market functions? Pretend that I, your CEO, have asked you to open up give (5) different overseas locations for our domestic business. What are some of these marketing considerations that we have to focus on first, and what are some future marketing considerations? Submit your Forum Post. APA format

Marketing Essay

Visit the Malcolm Baldridge Award Website published by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce:
Choose an organization that won the Malcolm Baldrige Award within the past 10 years. Review the “company profile” and “award application summary.” Visit the organizations website and conduct additional research on the organization using KU library resources.
Download and use the APA style template for this Assignment. Write a 2 3 page persuasive essay using APA format and citation style by responding to all of the following.
  1. Describe the organization s product mix, including its depth and width.
  2. Discuss the major elements of the organization s brand.
  3. Identify the types of services offered by the organization and discuss how the four unique service characteristics (Intangibility, Inseparability, Heterogeneity, and Perishability) apply to these services.
  4. Describe the company s dedication to service quality by evaluating the five components of service quality (Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy, and Tangibles).
Make sure your paper includes all of the following:
  • Responses to the numbered checklist items above;
  • Your original response in Standard English, paying special attention to grammar, style and mechanics;
  • A viewpoint and purpose that are clearly stated;
  • Logical and appropriate transitions from one idea to another;
  • Highly organized, logical and focused ideas;
  • Citations and references should follow APA guidelines. The references should not include Wikipedia, personal blogs, or personal website material.

Marketing Essay

Interactive Online Marketing is the future of marketing. is a master of the idea – one of the originators. Pick 5 concepts from Chapter 18 and apply them to . Write 2-3 PAGES to explain your thoughts, ideas, and facts. It may be helpful to compare Amazon to other online competitors that do not provide the same level of interactivity and see how they are surviving. USE other sources than Amazon to research this paper. What do financial/ marketing analysts say about Amazon? INCLUDE YOUR SOURCES! Use at least 3 sources!
Since you are unable to pick 5 concepts from Chapter 18, I have listed the 5 I would like for you to write about below
-Creating an online customer experience
-Customer value creation in marketplace


A eight to ten (8-10) page paper in which you: 1. Evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes. 2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for business entrepreneurs. 3. Assess how Social Media Marketing is helping Pepsi gain more customer insight than it would have otherwise. 4. Research two (2) other businesses that have used Social Media Marketing to their advantage. Discuss how each of these businesses has utilized Social Media Marketing and provide examples with your discussion. 5. Speculate what impact Social Media will have business over the next decade and identify what skills you need to improve to take advantage of the changes. 6. Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.


1. Name your fictitious business and identify the location (city and state if in the united states). State the specific goods or services you will sell. Explain why you have chosen to sell those good or services.
2. List the number of employees you will employ and the benefits you will offer to them and why. Explain whether your business will be an ethical, socially responsible company and explain your reasons why or why not?
3. State the type of business you will create. Is it for profit or nonprofit? If it is non profit, explain which business sector it is included in and why. Explain your reasons for choosing this type of business.
4. Define the seven functions of marketing and explain how they will apply and be used within your business.
5. Describe the market where you will sell your goods or services. Further, define the target market you will sell to and explain the characteristics of this target market and why you have chosen it.
6. Define the marketing mix and how it will be used in your business.
7. Write a brief SWOT analysis for your business and be sure to include an analysis of the company, customer, and competition.
8. Complete a brief environmental scan of your business. Include the influences that may pose a positive, neutral, or negative threat to your business.
9. Create a basic, brief marketing plan using the following elements: executive summary, situation analysis, goals and objectives, marketing strategies, implementation, and evaluation and control. The elements included in your answers to the above items may be incorporated as a part of your marketing plan if they are applicable.
10. Identify the factors of production and how they will be used in your business.

survey , report and PPT

Choose an advanced database topic to be written as an extended survey and write a report.ppt ( paper presentation ) also.
Report StructureThe report should be structured in the following manner:• Abstract: A paragraph highlighting the main points of the report.• Introduction: A few paragraphs longer than the Abstract that outline the purpose of the paperand its contents focusing on the Background, Related Work and Methodology.• Background: Any assumed knowledge required for your chosen topic/product/algorithms shouldbe discussed here.• Related Work: Any concepts comparable to your chosen topic/product/algorithms should bediscussed here.• Methodology: The topic/product/algorithms you have chosen should be discussed here.• Analysis: If any experimentation was conducted (i.e. Option 2 or 3), it would be discussed andinterpreted in this section.• Conclusion: A summary of the paper focusing on the main contributions in the Methodology andAnalysis (if included).

Mathematics disorder

ASSIGN MENT QUESTION QUESTION Mathematics disorder, formerly called developmental arithmetic disorder, developmental acalculia, or dyscalculia, is a learning disorder in which a person’s mathematical ability is substantially below the level normally expected based on his or her age, intelligence, life experiences, educational background, and physical impairments. This disability affects the ability to do calculations as well as the ability to understand word problems and mathematical concepts. Read more at the following website: disorder – children, causes, person, people, brain, skills, health, Definition The following will be your task to complete this assignment: Discuss the indicators used to observe learners with mathematical learning disabilities (MLD). Explain using appropriate examples two teaching approaches that can be adapted to teach learners with mathematical learning disability. Describe the necessary preparation in developing an effective program for mathematical learning disability students. (Total : 40 marks) The following are some basic guidelines in completing this assignment: Write in your own words and do not copy and paste from other articles or books that you have read First, introduce what you understand by mathematical learning abilities. Try to explain as clearly as possible using some relevant definitions that you have read from some reading material. Discuss the indicators or characteristics of learners with mathematical learning disabilities. You must accompany this with good realistic examples. Explain the two teaching approaches that you have selected and give reasons why you have chosen these approaches. Finally, you need to plan a programme to help students in this category. Explain the necessary…


Some researchers have claimed that genetics cause criminal behavior, and that there is likely a gene that can be linked to criminals. This scientific theory is one of a vast amount of criminological theories that try to explain criminal behavior, causes of crime, prevention of crime, and the source of criminal activity. With the advancements of technology and science as a tool to uncover criminal behavior and criminals,the idea of genes being a source of criminal behavior is not far-fetched.
Please address the following questions and requirements to write your 3-4-page paper. As you answer each question, you must provide support or evidence that will enhance and empirically prove your answers.Academic criminal justice articles or real-life criminal justice findings that are not found in journals or other academic sources must be used in supporting your answers.Please use APA format for all cited sources, including your reference page. The questions and requirements are as follows:
  • Discuss the merits of the idea that genetics are a source for criminal behavior.Make sure to provide examples that can be found through research studies and have evidence linking genetics and crime, including twin studies, adoption studies, and testosterone studies.
  • What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence surrounding genetics and crime?Do you feel that police departments should consider or dismiss such findings?
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