Conflict Handling Style
Take assessment and then answer the following and create a chart showing an action plan. (See attachment for chart)
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your conflict handling style.
Does the preferred way you handle conflict have an impact on your role as a manager? Why or why not?
Determine a conflict situation for each of the five conflict handling styles and explain which style would be the best to use.
Identify methods and/or techniques for you to improve your ability to use the conflict handling styles that were not your preferred style.
Reflect on the results of your self-assessment and the answers to the questions. Connect the results to the roles, skills, and functions of a manager.
Develop a goal for a role, skill, or function you would like to develop further that will help you become a better manager.
Develop an action plan for each of your goals. Your action plan must provide specific steps that you will take to accomplish the goal and a measurement of success for each step. Also list the obstacles you may encounter trying to achieve your goal. Use the following format to document your action plan:
Action Step:
Timeframe for Completion:
Successful Measurement:
Obstacles that may be encountered:
Attach your action plan as an appendix to your document.

Psychodynamic-Motivational Level Theory Application

psychodynamic-motivational level includesFreud’s conceptions as well as post-Freudian psychodynamics.
1. Write a brief overview of one of the psychodynamic theorists (Freudian or post-Freudian).
2. Write an overview of the chosen theorist’s theory, including how the theorist and corresponding theory would explain Lourdes’s behavior of overeating and test anxiety (use specific concepts from your text).

Migration, Immigration, and Emigration, and Their Effects on Religion,Women, and Minorities in the Developing World

Paper instructions:
Country: Nigeria
Use the resources below and at least two of your own from your research, and synthesize the information, giving an overview of migration / immigration / emigration in your assigned country.
Vital Voices-
Migration Information Source-
Global Fund for Women-
Gender and Food Security-
Amnesty International-
International Organization for Migration-
Can Civilization Survive Without God?-
International Report: migration good for developing countries-
Feminists and Fundamentalists- attached.
Consider the impact of religion and how it has impacted the society of your assigned country, both historically and a current perspective. Has religion played a part in past or present conflicts within the country?
Address the ethnic makeup of your assigned country. How has migration, immigration, and emigration contributed to the ethnic makeup of the country? Discuss any current issues related to minorities.
Consider any other significant societal issues, such as women in development, that may have increased social conflict or the economic impact of migration and immigration.


Paper instructions:
Explain how coprolite analysis may be viewed as an example of “environmental archaeology.”
Describe the environmental evidence identified in the Antelope House coprolites and then summarize the insights it provides into the nature of the relationship between the pueblo’s residents and the surrounding environment.
What are the limitations of coprolite analysis for archaeology in general?

Digital Divide

The Digital Divide
Are some students “left behind” in the teaching/learning process because of their limited access to computer technology at home? Will access to this technology become less and less of an issue as the costs for students and their families to access the Internet decreases?
Case Assignment Expectations
Read the assigned articles and in a minimum of 3 pages (not counting cover sheet and bibliography), please explain the implications of these reports on the access to, and use of, information systems in Education by teachers, students and parents.
Be sure to oultine clearly the areas of agreement and/or debate among researchers regarding the concept of “digital divide”.
Finally, generate and present your own informed opinion about the concept “digital divide.”

Gifted Education and Differentiation in the classroom and Adding Rigor

Paper instructions:
needs 6 sources of studies done related or to support the topic
intro-explaining the topic, key concepts, and terms related to the topic and describes organization of the paper, and includes question intended to answer
Subsection:brief intro in each section and describe the relevant studies
needs to synthesize and critically analyze the literature
last section-discussions and implications, discuss patterns found and implications to my teaching practice

Psychology and Education

•    Overview of Assignment: Can You Encourage Pro-Social Behavior?
Now that you are an expert in the use of interpersonal influence strategies, can you use what you know to change the behaviors of others? Advertisers and salespeople often use interpersonal influence strategies to make money When in the hands of an unethical influence agent, these strategies can be used to take advantage of you. But they can also be used to promote pro-social behavior changes in attitudes, beliefs, and/or behavior that benefit others, and society as a whole. In this Application Assignment, your goal is to use your understanding of interpersonal influence to encourage people to engage in pro-social behavior.
To prepare for this assignment:
•    Review the sections in Chapter 7 of the course text, Persuasion: Psychological Insights and Perspectives, on reciprocity, social validation, and commitment. Reflect again on the rules and psychological processes that cause each type of strategy to influence change.
•    Identify and describe the steps that are required to use the door-in-the face strategy, the list technique, the four-walls technique, and the legitimization of paltry-favors strategy. Familiarize yourself with how researchers have tested the effectiveness of each strategy.
•    Reflect for a moment on the behavior that each strategy has been shown to change. Consider how you would measure the effectiveness of these interpersonal influence strategies. Can you think of other ways to test a given strategy’s effectiveness?
The assignment (2 pages): No Plagiarism, APA style format and must be cited with references Thank you
For each of the scenarios below, describe: 1) the steps in the strategy, 2) the rule or psychological process that makes it work, and 3) how you would implement the strategy and how you would measure the effectiveness of the strategy. Your responses must be 2 paragraphs for each of the following scenarios:
•    Design a way to increase a person’s exercise habits using a door-in-the-face strategy.
•    Get people to reduce their water consumption using a list technique.
•    Create a way to get more people to volunteer time at a soup kitchen by using a four-walls technique.
•    Get people to start recycling by using a legitimization of paltry-favors strategy.
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. 
Course Text: Persuasion: Psychological Insights and Perspectives 
Chapter 7, “Principles of Interpersonal Influence” (pp. 143–169)
Assignment Writing Rubrics
There are three primary quality indicators for written assignments. All written assignments should include scores for the first three indicators (Responsiveness, Content, and Quality). Assignment has to be done according to course rubrics for maximum grade.


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