What does food democracy look like in practice?

FOOD DEMOCRACY IN ACTION – EXERTING CONTROL ON THE FOOD SUPPLY INTRODUCTION – OBJECTIVES AND LEARNING OUTCOMES LEARNING OBJECTIVES The focus of this Block is an examination and critique of food democracy in action and how people may be supported to make changes to the food system. This Block will also demonstrate that food democracy operates at various levels including individual, family, community and regionally. Therefore the aim of this Block is to provide students with: • Practical, real-life examples of food democracy • An understanding of the concepts of food citizenship and civic agriculture • A critical understanding of how people at various loci of control can exercise food democracy and how this may impact on public health
• What does food democracy look like in practice?
* please use the refrensec  i give to you do not use any other refrences.
* make sue your won word. * answer the quaticon i give you * write the summery 200 words no more than 200 words * This is the refrence you should use it when you write Murtagh, A & M.Ward (2009) Food democracy in practice: A case study of the Dublin Food Co-op. Journal of Co-operative Studies 42(1):13-22. also, i add to you at attached.
You can find the file in attached you find the information.Also, you can find more reading you can use it in attached.
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* these are others reading you can use it when you write.
Reading 2.1 Smith, J.L (2002) Chapter 5 -Agentic Participant Observation (“lived experience”) case study In The Psychology of Food and Eating. Palgrave, Hampshire. P120-135 (Note: This section starts in the middle of chapter –Episode B.) 40
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Reading 2.3: Jaffe, J & Gertler, M (2006) Victual vicissitudes: Consumer deskilling and the (gendered) transformation of food systems. Agriculture and Human Values 23:143-162
Reading 2.4 Warin, M. (2011) Foucault’s progeny: Jamie Oliver and the art of governing obesity. Social Theory and Health (9):1; 24-40.
Reading 2.5 Lyson, T.A. (2005) Civic agriculture and community problem solving. Culture and Agriculture 27(2); 92-98. Reading 2.6
DeLind, L (2002) Place, work and civic agriculture: Common fields for cultivation. Agriculture and Human Values, 19:217-224.
Reading 2.7 Lyon, Collie et.al. (2009) Shopping at farmers’ markets: Consumers and their perspectives. Journal of Foodservice 20(1):21-30 i will sent to you some ot these

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