Rating of employees’ performance is an exercise that should be approached with caution. It must include all the managers from all the departments. The problem with the human resources department has been aggravated by leakages of information from the management level to the workers. The naming of the various levels of grading giving them the names of objects and animals is very dehumanizing to the employees and has demoralized the bottom quarter who are referred to as dogs. The managers need to be more sensitive and considerate to the needs of the workers and should stop harassing them. Sackings have been carried out in a discriminate manner, which is very unfair to the workers who are not in the union. All workers ought to be treated equally if the situation is to improve. New entry employees should not be graded as failures while they have not yet been given time to train for the job before they can be tested. The CEO needs to put in place appraisal evaluation measures in order to arrest the situation which threatens the existence of the company.

Originally posted 2016-10-25 09:59:48.

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