E-commerce: e-distribution verses e-procurement for small enterprise business.

The use of information technology has revolutionized the way businesses perform by increasing efficiency and minimizing costs where promptly and correctly applied. Most upcoming business cannot afford to set up the necessary I.T. infrastructure for e-commerce. As a result, major players in the field like Staples, Intel and Cisco have been providing this infrastructure as e-distributors while Wal-Mart and Ariba are good examples of e-procurement providers (Phillipe 2005). The main difference between e-distributors and e-procurement agencies is that the distributors are the sellers who have a transaction post to efficiently provide most buyers with their market products while the e-procurement is a procedure led by buyers to effectively find sellers, cutting down their capitalize cost. Considering e-business and the use of technology, the difference in nature of transaction handling between the distributors and procurement agencies is quite important.

Originally posted 2016-10-25 09:59:48.