Format: Please refer to the Narration paper format (font size: 12; font type: Times New Roman; line-spacing: double-spaced, etc.)
Length: at least 500 words. Directions:
1) You are required to both compare and contrast in the paper.
2) Narrow the topic in light of your audience and purpose.
3) Before you compose your paper, generate as many points of comparison and contrast as you can think of. Choose the points you will use, and drop any details that are not really part of the contrast or the comparison.
4) Make a plan or an outline, numbering all the points of comparison and contrast in the order you will present them in the paper. You are free to choose either the block pattern or back-and-forth pattern.
5) Use transitional expressions that stress either similarities or differences.
6) Include enough specific details and examples to support your ideas.
7) The paper will be written in the form of an essay, controlled by a thesis that contains the sub-ideas you intend to develop in the body paragraphs.
8) In each body paragraph focus on one sub-idea and start the paragraph with a good topic sentence.
9) Include a concluding paragraph to summarize the whole paper.

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