Open Meeting Report

1) Who, what, where, and when was the meeting? This should include the proper name of the policy board, the street address, and time.
(2) What did you observe? Just the facts. How many people attended? What was discussed? What options were under consideration? Please be vivid and precise. Use real names.
(3) How did you feel about what you saw? This is the place to react, respond, reflect.
(4) What questions did the meeting suggest for social problem research (the kind of research we explored in the first half of the semester)? Please do not take this question too literally. The participants at the meeting may never mention a social problem. Your job is to think about the meeting in such a way that it becomes relevant to think about a social problem keyword or search term. State the keyword or search term clearly.
(5) What questions did the meeting suggest for policy alternatives? Again, you may be challenged to think beyond anything that was said. Can one think of laws on the books that need to be changed? Can one think of laws, not on the books that should be added?

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