thomas is a tomato farmer. In 2005, he ordered 50 kg of tomato seed from the same seed sellers he had been doing business for years. The seeds arrived with invoices which included a clause (term) excluding all liability for any loss or damage, and limiting the sellers’ liability to an obligation to replace the seed or repay the purchase price, which in this case was $600. The tomato seeds were planted and proved to be the wrong type which was poisonous. Thomas incurred a loss of $20,000. Thomas is contemplating legal action against the seed sellers.

Understanding business functions.

Human resource management refers to the strategic and coordinated management approach of an institution’s assets which are of high value to the organization. These assets involve the working group of the organization which contributes to the realization of the goals and objectives of the firm (Mclean & Osman, 58-59) Human resource management incorporates all the functions and activities aimed at collective mobilization and empowerment of personnel with the aim of achieving greater efficiency and productivity in an organization (Josefina, 78-79).