Aristotle's Ethics and Politics

1 inch margin, 12-point font, Times New Roman

Taking the perspective of a committed Aristotelian, articulate Aristotle’s understanding of the good life, first of the individual, then of the city, being sure to show how the two complement one another. Explain how the following elements fit into this perspective, and how they relate to one another:

rational/passions distinction and the natural order
the human function
soul/body distinction
the nature of virtue, and how it is instilled (explain the role of education and of the law)
the moral virtues (explain at least one of the moral virtues as an example)
the intellectual virtues (be sure to explain the significance of wisdom and prudence)
man as a political animal
the purpose of politics and the state
natural acquisition and use of wealth vs. unnatural acquisition and use of wealth
the justice of equality and inequality (i.e., defence of natural slavery / husband rule over wife)
the ideal form of government
anything else from the readings you think is important