ARTICLE SELECTION    Article is scholarly, empirical, current (last 5 years), and clearly related to a specific learning theory.    Article is scholarly, empirical, current
(last 5 years), and related to a learning theory.    Article is scholarly, empirical, and related to a learning theory, but it is not current.    Article is scholarly and empirical, but it is not related to a learning theory nor is it current.    Article is scholarly, but does not meet any other criteria.    Not complete

ARTICLE SUMMARY    Summary is well¬-organized, well-written, and explicitly identifies the audience and the purpose.    Summary is organized and well-written, and identifies the audience and the purpose.    Summary is adequately organized and only vaguely identifies the audience and the purpose.    Summary is not well-organized, but it does identify the audience and purpose.    Summary is poorly organized and vaguely identifies either the purpose or the audience.    Not complete
ARTICLE ANALYSIS    Clearly analyzes strengths and weaknesses with plenty of supporting evidence. Key ideas are clearly connected to research question.    Clearly analyzes strengths and weaknesses with some evidence. Key ideas are connected to the research question.    Analyzes strengths and weaknesses with little evidence. Key ideas relate to the research question.    Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses, but no evidence is provided. It is unclear if the key ideas relate to the research question.    Mentions strengths and weaknesses without any evidence. Only briefly discusses the key ideas, if at all.    Not complete

REFLECTION    Provides several examples of ways to incorporate the learning theory into teaching methods and clearly relates them to biblical principles.    Provides some examples of ways to incorporate the learning theory into teaching methods and relates them to biblical principles.    Provides one example of ways to incorporate the learning theory into teaching methods, but only alludes to biblical references without connecting them.    Provides one example of ways to incorporate the learning theory into teaching methods, but does not discuss biblical principles.    Teaching methods are discussed, but there is very little connection between the learning theory and the teaching methods.    Not complete
MECHANICS, FORMAT, & LENGTH    Well-written with correct grammar, spelling and formatting. Length requirement is met.    Well-written with a few grammar, spelling, and/or formatting errors. Length requirement is met.    Generally readable, but with several errors in spelling, grammar, and formatting. Length requirement met.    Errors in spelling, grammar, or formatting make the paper very difficult to read. Length requirement is met.    The paper does not meet length requirement, and/or demonstrates extremely poor grammar, spelling, and/or formatting.    Not complete


In Modules/Weeks 4 and 5, you are required to submit 1–2-page critiques for articles related to the learning theory that you have chosen for your theoretical framework.  Access the Liberty University Library Research Portal (available through the Services/Support link on the course menu) to find peer-reviewed journal articles. The articles that you choose should be scholarly, empirical, and current (written within the past 5 years).

Include the following elements in your critique:

1.    Summary – Provide a brief overview of the article, its intended audience, and its purpose.
2.    Analysis – Analyze the article’s strengths and weaknesses, providing evidence to support your opinions.
3.    Key Elements – Select 1–2 key ideas from the article and consider how you can effectively connect them to your research question.
4.    Reflection – Explain various ways that you could incorporate the learning theory expressed in the article into your teaching methods.  Also, explain how the theory demonstrates Christian principles in teaching.

Format the critiques in APA style and see the Article Critique Grading Rubric for the specific grading criteria.  Each critique will be due by the end of the Module/Week that it is assigned. There are 2 articles that’s needed that’s why in the pages I chose four 1-2 pages for one article and 1-2 pages for article two.

My research question was does digital instruction improve student academic learning?

Feedback 4/4/14 5:39 AM
This is a critical assignment in that it forces you to identify a specific research question that holds your interest so that you can focus your research and your paper. Your task, therefore, is to frame a tightly-worded, specific question, and offer 50–100 words of explanation of why you selected it.

I find your research question (and topic) interesting, and while you have my approval to continue, I would ask that you refine it as you research for even better ways of expressing just what you are getting at. Research questions should begin “to what extent…?” You do not need to resubmit further revisions you make of your research question. As you continually consider your research question, think about the following questions, which assist in greater focus:

Does the question address a topic that inspires you own thoughts/opinions?

Is the question researchable?

What type of information do you need to answer the research question?

Is the scope of this information reasonable, given the amount of time and space for this course/assignment?
What sources will have the type of information you need to answer the research question?

In sum, do you really have a quality research question you actually will be able to answer by doing research?

Good job!

Training Models

Training Models

Based on your textbook reading and learning in this course, prepare a two-three page review (not including title and reference pages) of the corporate university model. Evaluate why many organizations today are emphasizing training as an employee development tool and focus on why utilizing the internal university structure has become very popular.

The finished paper should utilize a minimum of three academic references. You are encouraged to use the Ashford Online Library which can be accessed through the Library link on the left navigation menu.

The paper will be evaluated on description and critique of the model and internal university structure, resource requirements, citations (APA format), grammar, and punctuation.

Literacy Skills Development

Design and produce an effective multi-genre text that communicates: (i) why literacies
development should be a priority within a teaching context of direct relevance to you; and
(ii) how a contemporary approach to literacies could be enacted within that context.! !Audience: !

Take the position of a beginning teacher preparing an extended piece of writing for
inclusion in their teaching portfolio. (Which Professional Standards would this relate to?)! !Motivation:!
This assignment will help you become clearer about the purpose of literacy learning within
a relevant context and enable you to convey an informed sense of this to others.! !Recommended approach:!
Critically combine rationale from Part A of the set text (“the ‘why’ of literacies”) with one or
more of the pedagogies mentioned in Part B of the set text (“approaches to literacies”).! !Improving your design:!

To better substantiate your recommended approach to literacies, you should compare and
contrast at least two of the four pedagogical paradigms mentioned in the set text (Chapters
3–6), taking into consideration (to the extent necessary) the four pedagogical dimensions
the authors use to organise those chapters.! !Suggested preparatory activity:!
Before writing your assignment, you’re advised to research some of the ways generic texts
are being used within Australian schools. This could be done effectively with others.! !Presentation: !
Submit your assignment on Learnline as a single, professionally prepared PDF document.
All third-party sources and intellectual property mentioned in the assignment should be
cited correctly using the APA referencing system. (See the CDU Library portal for details.)! !Further advice:!
This isn’t an assignment very suited to preparing the weekend before it’s due. Take the
time to investigate how literacies play out in your local context, then develop a response
that respects and addresses the diversity, complexity, and contestation that’s present.

The institutions of the European Union cannot display all aspects of global governance

Paper instructions:

The institutions of the European Union cannot display all aspects of global governance.  Discuss.
I need to see a list of things you would put into this essay before I can choose the writer.

Exporting and logistics

Paper instructions:

Elaborate on the info uploaded plus there are steps in which you have to go by in order.
and please check the webiste for more info and include everything with the proper format and related to each step.  this is about opening up a company in QATAR and the company is brought from AMERICA …

First an introduction about ULTRA EVER DRY ( this is the name of the company/product )  and the selected countries (from USA to Qatar), and it being the product.

1. Market Analysis

-External analysis PESTEL

-Meso environment, recent developments in the market.

-Supply chain analysis


-Target group

-Sales estimation



2.Market entry Strategy


3.Marketing Strategy

-Promotion strategies, and activities


4.Logistics and Inco terms, Modes of transports


-Legal and insurances


5.Commercial and cost calculations

-Costs, Prices


6. Conclusion and recommendations



Assignment 2 (Assesses 50% of the module)



You will need to work individually to produce a report on a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) selected from the list given below, or another as authorised by your tutor.


The report should reflect your research into the company and describe its characteristics. It should contain your analysis of the company’s strategy and approach to global issues. It will also explore what options it may have for future growth in an increasingly competitive, global economy; and one which may also have significant social responsibilities.(2000 words +- 10%).(MINIMUM 20 QUALITY RESEARCH SOURSES HARVARD REFERENCES)


You may need wider reading to bring together what it all may mean to the future of your chosen organisation; the cultural challenges presented; the influence of national governments and the IMFetc.

A personal evaluation should be included which has your conclusion relating to the company’s current and future strategy.

It is important that your sources are Harvard referenced properly.


Suggested multi-national organisations:


  1. BP
  2.  Chevron
  3.  Ikea
  4.  Krispy Kreme
  5. L’Oréal
  6.  Nestle
  7.  Royal Dutch Shell
  8.  Siemens
  9.  Starbucks
  10. 10.  Total SA




  • Assignment must be submitted online by the date of submission.


Game Of Thrones. examining gender in the media, and perhaps if game of thrones adheres to these paradigms or breaks free

Students will prepare a written Research Proposal for the Research Essay, outlining the topic for their research, the significance of the topic, a preliminary evaluation of the key sources to be analysed, the range of stakeholders and possible applications in a real world context with a proposal for a specific policy brief or action plan.


Topics are to be selected from those discussed in BCM310 during Weeks 4 – 12. In exceptional circumstances students may request permission to choose an alternative topic – approval is at the tutor / Subject Convenor’s discretion. Alternative topics must be proposed in writing no later than Friday 28 March for teaching team approval.


FORMAT: 1500 word Proposal including a
1000 word annotated bibliography of 4 – 5 valuable resources relevant to the development of the research.


Assessment Criteria:

The research proposal will demonstrate:

· A critical understanding of a suitable research topic;

· A critical analysis of appropriate resources;

· clear and coherent academic writing


How does Game of thrones influence/ package these discourse?

influence today’s society in real time?-
(Gender, Testosterone and Dominance???) – Lessons about status?

To what extent is it fantasy? Is it about history more than society?


Compare/contrast between two or more of any favorite TV shows ,any TV shows u guys like

– As you watch each show, make nots on the room in which most of the action takes place. What features about it make you feel comfortable, and does the interior decoration seem to fit a) the kinds of characters and b) the kind of action you expect them to perform?

2-Compare the room most often presented in a comedy series with similar room presented in a dramatic series. What differences do you see? Compare the furnishings in rooms of homes of the very wealthy with scenes in homes of poor or less affluent families. Do those furnishings seem effective in clearly depicting the characters’ socio-economic status?
3- Discuss the ways characters in the different programs use language to interact. How do characters talk about relationships? How are issues of race and gender addressed? What do the characters do to make you like/dislike them? if one (or more) of your favourites is a ” reality show, ” how realistic is it?
4- You may use a movie instead, using a similar analysis. #


Paper instructions:

Your course project, due this week, is an 8- to 10-page paper on an organizational behavior problem or opportunity in one of the companies highlighted in the text. Your task is to research and present the organization you choose, identify the organizational behavior problem or opportunity, and recommend a course of action to address the opportunity or problem.  with a topic of Motivation