If you are basing your business on an existing company, and the organisation requires signed authorisation for you to have access to any information, please contact the Course Examinerforthe necessary
authorisation / release form.
This assignment is to be based on the following scenario:
Having met with lsabel a couple more times, she is now willing to go to the next stage with you and your business concept. She has asked you to put together a comprehensive, but succinct overview ofthe SME environment in Australia, including success and failure rates and reasons forthis. lsabel has heard about John Symond, (and seen him on TV), and is curious about him. She has asked you to describe his successes, and outline what characteristics he possesses that has made him so successful as an entrepreneur. Lastly she of course expects to see a more detailed synopsis of your business, and a briefjustification of its viability.
You know this is a fantastic opportunity to get both financial backing and access to lsabel as a business mentor. You also knowthat lsabel has spoken to a number of other aspiring business owners, and that your report to her needs to be outstanding. lsabel has told you that she wants to access your sources so that she can research more detail if she wishes – so make sure you identify and correctly reference these.
Make the report in the layaout below;
Transmittal letter
2. Executive summary
3. The nature, number and characteristics ofAustralian SMEs
4. Factors influencing
SMEs’ success and failure
5. Entrepreneurial characteristics
5.1 Describe the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
5.2 Analyse John Symond against these characteristics
5. Analysing opportunities and developing a framework forthe business
The nature of your chosen business:
Brief overview ofwhat your company is all about
Legal structure:
analyse options and justify choice
Core benefit ofthe product (according to Kotler’s model). Please note that you may
use Gronroos’ service model instead of Kotler’s model if your proposed business is a service, howeverthis is not compulsory.
Gronroos’ service model is available on the Study Desk.
Competitive edge – USP – what is it?
Financial overview (revenue and expected profit)
7. Style / grammar/ referencing