Analyzing Research on the Benefits of Partnerships

As this week’s Learning Resources indicate, the benefits afforded by effective home, school, and community partnerships often are multifold. Schools, families, students, teachers, administrators, and the community-at-large all have the potential to reap significant rewards from the implementation of effective educational partnerships. But what kinds of partnerships are most successful in realizing this potential? Are there certain types of collaborations that tend to be less beneficial than others?


Research investigating the relative benefits of home, school, and community partnerships is abundant. Professionals can use these research findings to inform their own decision making when striving to forge educational partnerships. In this Discussion, you will build on your knowledge of the benefits of home, school, and community partnerships by examining research in the field. Consider the following:

  • Choose one specific benefit of home, school, and community partnerships that you learned about in this week’s resources. Using the Walden Library databases, the Internet, and/or other resources, find at least one scholarly article that presents confirming OR conflicting research relating to your chosen topic.
  • How would you describe the implications of these research findings for how home, school, and community partnerships are formed and executed in the future? For example:
    • If the partnership(s) described in the research was/were beneficial, do you think this success could be replicated in other settings? Does this success speak to a larger principle, or was the situation observed in this particular research study unique in some way?
    • If the partnership(s) described in the research did not bring the expected benefits, why do you think that is? Could improvements be made? Or do you think it was an anomaly? Why?


With these thoughts in mind, follow the instructions below to post your response to this Discussion topic.

By Wednesday:

Post the citation for and, if possible, a link to your research article, as well as a brief summary of its contents. Then explain if and how the research presented in this article confirmed or conflicted with the Learning Resources this week, and why you think that is. In addition, describe the implications of this research for how home, school, and community partnerships might be formed in the future in order to reap maximum benefits.

This assignment is due in 12 hours or less

APA format and all orginal work


. How is college different from high school? As you’ve no doubt discovered already, college introduces a whole new set of challenges that you have not faced before.

. How is college different from high school? As you’ve no doubt discovered already, college
introduces a whole new set of challenges that you have not faced before.

If college is different,
then you will also need to adopt new strategies for success. Using chapter one of your textbook,
write an essay that describes in detail four ways that college is different from high school.

Describe in detail four corresponding tactics you will use to master the specific challenges of
2. Who is responsible for your successes and your failures in college, at work, and beyond?
Psychologists use the term “locus of control” to describe how different people assign
responsibility for the events in their lives — bad and good. Discuss the differences between an
“external” and an “internal” locus of control. Choose two of the following scenarios and compare
how a person with an internal locus of control would explain those events to the way a person with
an external locus of control would.

Which approach describes you best? Which is the approach
that will help you succeed in college? Why?
Scenario A: Just as the student is putting the finishing touches on a paper, her computer
crashes and the file is lost.

Scenario B: Student’s car breaks down on the way to the final exam.
Scenario C: Student is sick and admitted to hospital.
Scenario D: Professor didn’t inform student that he was failing.
Scenario E: Ride to school forgot to pick you up.
Scenario F: Didn’t have money to purchase the book for class.
3. In the video called “I am worried about my grade” a student stops a professor on the last day of
the semester to ask if he is going to pass the class. This humorous video demonstrates a number
of things that drive professors crazy.

Name at least a dozen (12) of these no-no’s and explain why
they are unacceptable behaviors that will undermine your success in college. What do these norms
and expectations have in common? How can you avoid making these mistakes?

4. It’s on the syllabus! College classes are typically organized around the syllabus, a document that
represents a “social contract” between students and faculty. Yet, many students just throw the
syllabus away or stuff it in a folder and forget it. Take one of your syllabi from a current class,
and describe the features of it in as much detail as you can. What information can be found on it?

What would an A+ student do with her syllabus? How would it enable a student’s success in the
5. Objectively speaking, what benefits does a college graduate have over a non-graduate? Use any
data from the first chapter of your textbook or any information covered in this first week of class
to illustrate the skills, the knowledge, the financial, and the social benefits gained by graduating
from college. What assets does a college degree represent?

Post a link to an article on a current topic related to IT security and/or ethics in the news.

Post a link to an article on a current topic related to IT security and/or ethics in the news.  Once you post your article, go to other students submission and respond with how you see the articles content relating to either of the texts in class and/or discussion online or in class.   You must respond to two other students articles submitted in order to receive credit.  There will be some of the same articles posted from different students.  This happens, but should not be the “norm”.

The article you post must be current (last two weeks) and be relevant to the subjects discussed in this courses.

Article topic ideas:

-Information breaches  (these will be the vast majority)

-disgruntled employee cases involving data theft or leaking of information

-company financial embezzlement cases that are directly related to IT

-Ethical dilemma articles surrounding privacy of information

This list in not all inclusive and each article posted will be reviewed by the instructor


below is the requirement and an examplethe paper needs to be one and half pages so that would be no more the 400-450 words. All section need to be equal in length.
Example and requirement

The format below is to be followed for each paper. You can also find a sample paper below written as a protocol to another Unit reading assignment — The Value of Philosophy. You do not submit a protocol paper on that reading.You can refer always back to this Unit if you have questions about this assignment.


Protocol for Response toReadings</o:p>



Use the following protocol in preparing response papers to assigned readings. Each heading should be listed to indicate which part of the protocol you are following. (Example: Write “RECALL,” and then list your recollections. In the next paragraph write “SUMMARY,” etc.)</o:p>



RECALL: Simply list what you consider to be the main points in the reading. Try to list at leastfour or fivemain points.</o:p>


SUMMARY: Using the main points, which you have recalled, write a brief summary of the assigned article.</o:p>


QUESTIONS: List the questions that you have after reading the chapter/article. Are there particular things that you didn’t understand? What other questions are raised for you? (Notice the plural, meaning your response should include several questions.)</o:p>


QUOTES: Directly quote from the chapter/article. Which quotations really took your attention? Which quotations perplexed you? Which quotations did you particularly like or dislike? Agree with or disagree with?</o:p>


CONNECT: In what way can you connect this article to your own life experience? How do you connect it with other aspects of your college work? How does it connect to the other parts of this course?</o:p>


COMMENT: Write evaluative comments about the article. Was it good? Why? Was it not so good? Why?Provide any specific points or parts that you liked or disliked. Say why you liked or disliked them.


Below is a Protocol Paper prepared over the required reading, “The Value of Philosophy,” by Bertrand Russell. This sample paper demonstrates how your protocol papers should look and the degree of development expected for each section of the protocol. You will use this as a guide for all protocol papers submitted throughout the course.

NOTEthat the paper uses 12-point, Times New Roman, is single-spaced (not 1.15) with double-spacing only between sections, 1″ margins, and is in prose (versus list) form. Papers must be in this form to be graded.

Protocol Paper

” The Value of Philosophy”


Recall:In the “Value of Philosophy,” Russell makes several important points: 1) He suggests that many “practical” people view philosophy as rather useless, because these people are–according to Russell–operating both with wrong conceptions about the ends of life and wrong conceptions about what goods philosophy strives to achieve; 2)The value in philosophy is in what it does for the person who studies it; 3) He makes the point that goods of the mind are as important in life as goods of the body; 4) The main value of philosophy is that it enlarges one’s thoughts, brings one into union with the “not-Self, and helps us avoid being caught in narrowness as human beings; and, 5) The main idea is thatPhilosophy is to be studied to enrich our intellects, diminish our dogmatism, and make us citizens of the universe.


Summary:In the essay, “The Value of Philosophy,”< /span> Bertrand Russell presents the study of philosophy as a valuable undertaking, even though it does not directly help the whole world or increase one’s material wealth. The value is to be found for the student of philosophy herself or himself. This value is primarily found in the intellectual development that is available for those who undertake the study philosophy. They can escape narrowness, dogmatism, and narrowness as they become citizens of the world, with enriched intellectual capacities.


Quotes: “The man who has no tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from common sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, and from convictions which have grown up in his mind without the co-operation or consent of his deliberate reason.””. . .it removes the somewhat arrogant dogmatism of those who have never traveled into the region of liberating doubt, and it keeps alive our sense of wonder by showing familiar things in an unfamiliar aspect.” “Philosophic contemplation does not, in its widest survey, divide the universe into two hostile camps — friends and foes, helpful and hostile, good and bad — it views the whole impartially.” “. . . greatness of soul is not fostered by those philosophies which assimilate the universe to Man.”


Questions: How does Russell justify the claim that the widespread view that “man is the measure of all things” and that truth is man-made is incorrect?How is his idea that truth is not man-made fit with his avowed atheism? If Russell believes that it is better to be citizens of the universe and “not only of one walled city at war with all the rest,” then what would he say about loyalty to country or kind?Would Russell believe that there is a human attitude that is more lacking in human pride than the union of ” Self and not-Self?


Connect: I can certainly connect this reading to my own life, because all of my adult life I have been engaged in doing philosophy. I think that the value that Russell sees in philosophy has been born out in my own life. On the other hand, it can be also sometimes a little frustrating to see that so many people seem to believe that “getting and spending” is the most important thing in the universe. I think studying philosophy and opening up the mind requires that one be prepared and learn to cope with the dogmatism that one will invariably have to confront. I can connect this reading to the attitude of Socrates displayed in the Apology – more interested in excellence of the soul than in pursuing wealth, fame, prestige, etc.


Comment:I liked this article. I thought it was very thought-provoking. It helps one to understand why anyone should be interested in studying questions that have no definite answers. I thought Russell’s writing and chain of reasoning was easy to follow. I did, however, think it was a little confusing to have this summary without having read the previous things he refers to. I would have liked also for Russell to be a little more specific about what he specifically means by “Not-Self” and “citizen of the universe.”I particularly liked the image of those who are afraid of philosophy and stuck in their own “set of prejudices, habits, and desires” as being likethe man who never leaves the family circle for fear his word might not be law.

Im having problem uploading the reading so i will upload it once i post the question

Discuss why communication is essential for an organization.

Discuss why communication is essential for an organization. 150 words minim


Examine the ways that health professionals can use the five steps of evidence based practice (EBP) as a practicalframework to overcoming barriers to locating, appraising and applying best research evidence to an occupationalhealth and safety practice. Examples of occupational health and safetypractices include:? Use of professional protective equipment (e.g. gloves)? Infection control e.g. Hand washing? Safety considerations when using equipment (e.g. sharps)? Lifting techniques / manual handling? (or a topic you select yourself in negotiation with your LIC)Instructions for writing the essay:This assessment task requires you to:1) Demonstrate an understanding of evidence based practice in health care;2) Apply this knowledge to implementing a specific occupational health and safety practices in yourdiscipline;3)

Identify and justify the types of research knowledge that could be used to inform or guide evidence-basedhealth care practices in this situation/context; include barriers and facilitators to implementing evidenceassociated with your chosen topic.A few points for you to consider when writing your essay: What is evidence based practice (EBP)?? Why are the 5 steps of evidence based practice important?? What types of knowledge that could be used to inform/guide health care professionals?

Why do healthprofessionals need to use higher levels of evidence?? How do health professionals connect evidence based practice to their decisions and how they willpractically use EBP (related to your chosen topic)? ie. How does the health professional connect EBP todecisions about hand washing?? What are the barriers and facilitators to implement EBP for the practice you have chosen?? Consider potential limitations and outcomes of evidence based practice

What is participative budgeting? What are its potential benefits? What are its potential disadvantages?

Question A

  • What is participative budgeting? What are its potential benefits? What are its potential disadvantages?

Question B

  • What is budgetary slack? What incentive do managers have to create budgetary slack?

150 words minimum


The symbolism of Australia becoming a republic is of greater or equal importance as the system thatshould be adopted

The symbolism of Australia becoming a republic is of greater or equal importance as the system thatshould be adopted. Discuss.
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Why is it important to keep paid-in capital separate from earned capital?

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word response to the following questions:

  • Why is it important to keep paid-in capital separate from earned capital?
  • As an investor, is paid-in capital or earned capital more important? Explain why.
  • As an investor, are basic or diluted earnings per share more important? Explain why.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Please watch the three videos below








Good morning. I’ve been asked to give a presentation to a group of local restaurant managers later today on managing the cost of food. I won’t have time to put the Power Point presentation together so I’m going to ask you to do so.

Using Chapter #3 as your guideline, please complete the five to seven slide Power Point presentation for me. It needs to be submitted by 10 AM on Ulearn. If you have trouble submitting to Ulearn you can email it to me, but please, no heavy files (photos). No late submissions will be accepted.

Grading will be based on the concepts and applications from the chapter (20 pts.), the organization and quality of your slides (10 pts.), and proper spelling and grammar (10 pts.).

Thanks for your help with this.