Five Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is an essay that contains five paragraphs only. It is a rather short essay that has fewer words than usual. There are many writers at who will produce a high scoring five paragraph essay. It can be a tasking essay to write especially for those people who do not know how to express themselves in very few words. Its main components are:

Introductory paragraph- the five paragraph essay carries a brief introduction into your essay. Here, one starts with a brief thesis statement and gives a very condensed version of the whole essay

Body- This is contained in three paragraphs. The section provides all information and explanations on what your essay is about. Each paragraph of the five paragraph essay has to carry a single idea that is linked to what you stated in your thesis statement at the beginning of your essay followed by examples to explain your claims and provide the required evidence. You must make sure that you are very specific since you have a limited number of words to explain yourself in the five paragraph essays. Let your sentences vary as much as possible so that you avoid repeating yourself and sounding like you do not know what you are doing. This could be annoying to the reader of your five paragraph essays.

Conclusion- This is a brief summary of the whole essay and this is where you are allowed to make a stand (if need be) about the topic that you were tackling in the five paragraph essays. You will also be required to re-mention all the arguments of your five paragraph essay without having to sound like you are repeating yourself.

Due to the nature of a five paragraph essay, one has very limited space to present their argument. In as much as it is brief, you are expected to include all the important points and in coherent sentences that are not hanging. For one to do this you need to be very precise and to the point, without adding any unnecessary information so that you do not run out of writing space before your five paragraph essay is done.

The five paragraph essays calls for a lot of expertise and patience and that is where comes in. We have writers who have mastered the art of writing winning five paragraph essays that will be sure to capture the attention of your tutors and spur them to give you the grades that you desire in the five paragraph essay. Do not risk your grades by attempting to do something that you are not sure of. Contact our experts today at and you will be on your way to academic success.


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